Ways to improve our memory while studying

طرق لتحسين ذاكرتنا أثناء الدراسة

يعاني الكثير من الطلاب أثناء الدراسة، من النسيان و عدم التركيز .

ممّا يؤدي إلى تدني مستوى تحصيلهم العلمي .

لذلك لك من باكت طرق لتحسين ذاكرتك أثناء الدراسة .

✨اختر الوقت المناسب لك .

✨رتّب و نظم المعلومات .

✨لا تقوم بأكثر من عمل .. ركّز على درسك .

✨اربط المعلومات ببعضها .

✨عند الملل تخلّص من الروتين و غيّر مكان دراستك او خذ استراحة .

✨تناول الشوكولاتة الداكنة .

✨اربط المعلومات بصور أو ب أمور يسهل حفظها .

✨اختبر نفسك .

✨لخّص المعلومات الرئيسية و اكتبها على ورقة جانبية .

✨استعمل الأقلام الملوّنة للتقليل من الملل و إنعاش العقل و التركيز .

باكت طريقك نحو النجاح و التميّز 👍🏻

Ways to improve our memory while studying

Many students suffer during their studying from bad memory and lack of concentration ,which lead to a low level  in their educational attainment.

So Bact’s Consultation and Training Centre offers you some tips to improve your memory while you are studying:

✨You should choose the suitable time to study.

✨You should arrange required information.

✨You should focus on one lesson ! Don’t distract your attention on doing more than one work.

✨You should connect the information which you are studying to each other.

✨ If you got bored  of daily routine, You  should change your studying room or take a break.

✨You should eat dark chocolate.

✨You should connect the information you are studying with images or with things that are easy to memorize.

✨You should test yourself.

✨You should summarise the key information and write it down on a side paper.

 ✨You should use coloured pens to reduce boredom and refresh your mind and increase your focus.

 Bact’s Centre is your way to success and excellence.👍🏻

Bait Aljouda Consultation and Training is an educational institution permitted by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) in Dubai – UAE to train in different fields. It offers remarkable training services in all the aspects of education. The courses are characterized by their applied dimension, which returns with immediate benefit on educational institutions taking these courses.

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