Twenty-one Laws To Teach Leadership Skills

Twenty-one Laws To Teach Leadership Skills

_Leadership plays key and important role in individuals ,people and nations’ lives. There’s an increasing need in all societies ,especially illiterate societies for leaders who are able to organise ,develop and manage formal and informal institutions to improve their performance to be similar to those in more developed countries.

_This  ensures the society  need for the efforts of researchers and educators to study the leadership phenomenon in all its different dimensions and learn its characteristics ,because this will help in the efficient  investment of information ,resulting from the scientific efforts and use it  in situations of discovering  the leadership elements and developing  their skills .

_ The writer Gohncy Maxom summarises Twenty-one  indisputable laws in learning the Effective Leadership .the most important of these laws are:

1️⃣Ceiling Law” Effectiveness”:

The ability to lead, determines the effectiveness of a person. The ability to achieve goals. If the leader is unable to achieve the goals ,then this leader is considered ineffective .

2️⃣Influence Law:

The real criterion of the leadership is the effect, nothing more/ nothing less. What special procedures can you take to help the child in the state before meeting the goals?

_You are a head of a family and you want to set laws like: Do/ Don’t do! You can’t do that if you don’t have an effective character. Therefore ,you should friendly contact with team because the leadership isn’t, only ,laws and systems.

For example, Braham Lincolin   started his military life with a rank of a captain ,but with time and the end of the war ,he ended up with a rank of a soldier, what happened!?

 Was he  then a victim of The Influence Law?!

3️⃣Process Law:

The Leadership develops day after day ,not during one day.

For example, Theodor Rozfelt contributed  in making a global power and won the Nobel Prize for Peace ,then he became the president of the United States of America .His name would have been  unknown if he hadn’t followed the Process Law.

4️⃣Navigation Law:

Any one can steer the ship, but only the captain can determine its course.

For example:

Using secure tools, Scott led the explorers team to a shameful death .The team  members could have escaped from death if only the captain had known the  well-known navigation law at sea, which is drawing the correct course of the ship’s direction.

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_Prepared by Dr.Yara Bassam Yahia

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