Reinforcement Strategy

Reinforcement Strategy

Behaviour Reinforcement.

_Reinforcing Behaviour occurrence  to increase the possibility of Response appearance

Types of Reinforcement:

 A _The Positive Reinforcement:

For example, when a student asks a smart question in the classroom ( this is  behaviour),then  this student will obtain the teacher’s  appreciation( this is positive result) ,so that the student will repeat questions after the appreciation of her/his teacher .

B_ The Negative Reinforcement:

For example, when a student participates in the lesson’s activities  with the teacher ,in order not the teacher may deduct one degree or more from the student’s result, this participation of this student intends to avoid the negative stimulus, this leads to increasing the possibility of this behaviour occurrence in the future.

C_The Differential Reinforcement of The Other  Behaviour:

_To reinforce the individual ,in case she/ he refuses to do the undesirable behaviour which is intended to be reduced for a certain period

 _Steps To Apply This Procedure:

1.To identify and define the undesirable behaviour which is wanted to be reduced.

2.To define a  specific period of time, in which it ‘s assumed that the  unwanted behaviour won’t occur .

3.To observe the behaviour during that specific period

4.To Reinforce the individual after that period if the targeted behaviour didn’t occur during that period.

 D_The Differential Reinforcement of the Substitute Behaviour:

To reinforce the individual  for doing the substitute behaviour in stead of the undesirable behaviour which is intended to be reduced .

 _Steps  to Apply  this Procedure:

 1.The Substitute behaviour  in stead of the targeted behaviour  must be useful to this  individual

 2.The Reinforcement Table must be identified before starting the modification process.

 3.This procedure should be applied regularly, not at random.

E_The Differential Reinforcement To Reduce the Behaviour Occurrence Rate:

_To reinforce the individual when the rate of undesirable behaviour occurrence becomes less than  the  already  identified expected rate .

 _Steps to Apply this Procedure:

1.To identify the undesirable behaviour which is intended to be reduced.

2.To identify a period of time during which it’s supposed that the  targeted behaviour occurrence rate is low.

3.To observe the behaviour during that specific period continuously.

4.To reinforce the individual directly after that period, if the rate of the behaviour occurrence decreased three or four times and going on  in reinforcement until the behaviour occurrence rate will become acceptable.

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