Participative Management

Participative Management

🔺Participative Management is considered one of the most important and effective administrative practices, whether on the governmental sector level ,the private sector level or the third sector organisations level ,the charities.

 🔺This type of administration focuses greatly on the participative way of making_decision ,where the leader delegates his powers to the executive directors ,then the executive directors delegate their powers to the heads of departments and their employees through a matrix called powers matrix.

🔺Emphasis is placed on managing the delegation process effectively, as all employees are involved in the decision _making  and decision_ making process whether at the level of planning or building evidences and procedures and adhering to them or performance indicators or implementation of tasks. So that, everyone has a role in making decision and feels a high responsibility  in making decision.

🔺At last, for a more effective management ,you should always focus on powers delegation.

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