Improve your IELTS Speaking score

IELTS Speaking Tips: How to Improve Your Score

Part 1 – Introduction and interview (lasts for 4-5 minutes)

The examiner will ask you general questions about yourself and a range of familiar topics, such as home, family, work, studies and interests.

Part 2  –  Individual long-tern (lasts for 3-4 minutes)

You will be given a card which asks you to talk about a particular topic. You will have one minute to prepare before speaking for up to two minutes. The examiner will then ask one or two questions on the same topic.

Part 3 – Discussion (lasts for 4-5 minutes)

You will be asked further questions about the topic in Part 2. These will give you the opportunity to discuss more abstract ideas and issues.

  • Present yourself with confidence
  • -make eye contact, smile, body language
  • Improve your vocabulary

-use high level words (e.g Food = cuisine, friends = acquaintance)

-don’t overuse the word “I like” (try using I enjoy, really love, I prefer)

  • Use organizers/transitions (First of all, secondly) to sound professional
  • Expand your answers by giving examples

Practice your answers (with a friend or mirror)



  • Don’t speak with a monotone
  • Avoid using fillers
  • Don’t give yes or no answer (e.g Do you have a pet?)
  • Do not repeat the question
  • Don’t go off the topic
  • Don’t worry about perfect English
  • If you don’t know the answer try to make up
  • Don’t be afraid to speak out

More importantly, just be yourself and show the best of your confidence!


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