How Can I Protect My Child From Cyberbullying ?

How Can I Protect My Child From Cyberbullying ?

Cyberbullying is  considered one of the destructive  behaviours in the society .It contradicts high human  principles, values and morals

◼ In today’s article we will highlight  cyberbullying  that invaded social media websites ,computers, smart devices and whose impact is no less bad than   direct bulling, which a child is exposed to in a peer or family community.

_ The most important forms of cyberBullying  are:

1️⃣Using  Irony through comments.

2️⃣Sending offensive messages that contain threat, scolding or sarcastic images.

3️⃣Spying on personal accounts and messages, using  spying apps and exploiting them to harm and threaten the other.

4️⃣Electrinic rejection and exclusion from collective  electronic games and exploiting them to harm and threaten the other.

5️⃣Blocking by Facebook groups.

6️⃣Abusive publications ,rumour promotion and attack on social media.

7️⃣Exposure to electronic hacking , controlling a person’s account and publishing information and photos in her/his name.

8️⃣Deception or impersonation of unreal person in order to intrude into  this person  own private life and know private information and use it in threatening or publishing it.

 How can I protect my child from cyberbullying ?!

🔹The first step is:

to maintain your child’s safety on the personal level or on the Internet is to educate your child and provide  her/him with  information about bullying issue to make her/ him  become aware of this phenomenon.

🔹The second step is:

To enhance your child’s self_ confidence which is one of the most important factors in building the child’s strong and balanced character ,through encouraging the child to play and participate activities within her/his peers group.

 🔹The third step:

You should ,daily, ask your child about her/his time at school and her/his activities on the Internet .Also, you should take care of your child feelings like: joy and sadness and try to know the reasons behind these feelings.

 🔹The fourth step:

Cultivate the culture of acceptance and respecting  every one in your child ,so if she/ he witnesses bulling behaviour  ,she/ he can defend the victim and offer support or reject the bulling behaviours.

 🔹The fifth step:

Try to be a role model  to your child .you should explain to your child how to deal with others kindly and with respect through doing the same with the surrounding people, whether in their real life or virtually on the Internet ,including defending the others if they were being  mistreated.

 🔹The sixth step:

You should be a part of your child’s  Online experience.

_Know the platforms your child uses ,explain to your child the nature of the interconnection between the digital world  and the  real world and warn your child of the  different dangers that  she/he may  encounter on the Internet.

 _Finally ,We hope that we have introduced you useful and important tips .

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