Growing Up Stages According to Montessori Educational Method

Growing Up Stages According to Montessori Educational Method

Human Beings generally  pass through different age- stages. These stages are:

1_The Childhood Stage:

The childhood stage has three sub_ stages ,which include:a.       The Early Childhood _Stage ,which is from the child’s birth to the age of 5

b .The Medium Childhood_ Stage ,which is from 4_9.

c. The Late Childhood_ Stage ,which is from 9 to the puberty age.

2_Adolescence _Stage:

This stage is divided into three stages.

a .The Early Adolescence  Stage, which is from 12 to 14.

b. The Medium Adolescence Stage,which is from 14 to 18.

c. The Late Adolescence Stage,which is from 18 to 21.

3_Adulthood Stage:

It is the age group from 21 to 45.

 4_Maturity Stage ,which includes the Middle Age group.

5_The Old Age _Stage,which is after fifties.

_Growing Up Stages According to Montessori Educational Method:

In order to understand better how children grow up quickly, understand their growing up stages and invest them in providing their needs and accompany them in building up their personality and self-awareness ,Mrs Maria Montessori distinguished  between  3 age stages:

1.The First Early Childhood ,which is from the child’s birth to 6 years old. The first stage  from the child’s birth to 3 years old  is the most difficult stage, because the child at this age and the adult have different communication systems .Also, at this stage the child’s self_ confidence starts in  formation.  .Therefore, it’s very important that we offer the child the necessary attention, care, and provide her/ his needs in order to help this child  grow up  on safe ,strong and healthy basis.

 2.The Second Childhood Stage,which is from 6_12.

At this stage ,the child enhances what she/he has obtained from her/his first childhood

[ Also, the child develops her/ his curiousity ,love of learning and knowledge. In addition, the child will try to broaden her/his views  more than they were previously .So that, it’s very important to accompany the child to satisfy her/his curiousity and help her/ him to find  the answers to her/ his questions .As well as, the child at this stage acquires the social values and the surrounding culture.

 3.The Adolescence Stage from 12_18:

The Adolescence stage is characterised by great physical and physiological changes .At this stage,the adolescent starts to ask questions relating to all the previous learning or knowledge .Here,Maria Montessori suggests  that we should give the child a kind of independence ,provided that we stay close, reliable people if she/ he needs any help.Also, Montessori urges to continuous contact and listening well to the child in order to let her/ him feel that we  always feel and understand her/ him. Maria Montessori adds a fourth stage  which includes :

4.The Fourth Stage ,which is from 18_24  which is basically the Maturity Stage ,but Montessori didn’t develop any educational activities regarding this stage, instead she depended on self_ development method to suggested people who have grown up according to Montessori philosophy .

Prepared by Mrs Ruba Haswani .

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