Developing A Child’s Self-awareness


Developing A Child’s Self-awareness

Your thoughts about yourself form your Self-image, and Your Self-image determines your awareness level and self_esteem.

The developing of your child’s Self-awareness is  very important  for her/ his happy and successful life.

 If your child has a high appreciation of her/ his Self_ Image ,she/ he will have more realistic understanding of her/his strengths and weaknesses, as awareness is a comprehension which gathers between the active role of the mind and the feelings in order to  enable  the child understand what is going around, and to regulate the child’s relation with the surrounding. Also,

 One’s awareness can’t be completd if she/ he doesn’t develop her/his intellectual abilities through linking that abilities with her/ his sensory experiences  that form her/his experiences in life.

 _The Importance of Developing the Child’s Self-awareness:

🔘To learn about the child’s strengths and weaknesses:

When the child has enough Self-awareness ,she/he can learn about  her/ his strengths and focus to develop and reinforce them ,this focus will weaken the other side which is represented by her/his weaknesses ,so she/ he tries to improve and change them.

 🔘To allow the child the ability to make suitable decisions :

When the child has self_ awareness , She/he will behave according to her/his abilities after  good thinking of the consequences, by doing this she/he can protect herself/himself from possible mistakes that the child may make because of ignoring the results.

 🔘Building  Self-confidence:

Children who have positive self-awareness and appreciation ,they are often more confident, optimistic , happier, more productive and able to solve  the problems than others.

 🔘Protecting the Child from Negative Influences that cause harm and protecting her/him morally and behaviourally ,through raising the conscious thinking which differentiates between wrong and right.

 🔘Instilling Values In Children :

Values have their position in individual and among the values that we seek in our children are: honesty,belonging,saying sorry when making mistakes,fairness,humility,ambition,strong will, bearing responsibility, following system, loyality,and respect. However, we should protect our children against negative values like: telling lies, weakness,

 pessimism, arrogance, laziness, inaction, weak will, bad manners,lack of responsibility, treason……etc.

 _How Can We Develop the Child’s Self-esteem:

➖  Providing the sufficient  child’s needs , including the biological needs like:( food, drink, clothes…), and the psychological needs  like:( security, belonging ,love,self_esteem ,and self_ fulfilment ).

 ➖  Acquisition of Skills:

When your child acquires a new skill ,she/he will increase her/his self appreciation. Examples of these skills :lingual,kinesthetic and social skills.

➖  Developing the Child’s Independence since the childhood:

Since the childhood ,

 The child shows an inclination to be independent ,but some mothers suppress their child’s inclination ,they prevent their children from having food alone,lest making their clothes dirty ,also,these mothers choose their games and stories  without asking them.

 In addition, when the child suffers from a particular problem, the mother hurried to solve this problem without allowing her/his child to solve herself/himself. These behaviours by some mothers make the child feel disable ,depending and lack self-confidence in her/his abilities.

 _The  Characteristics of The Child’s Who Has High Level of Self-esteem:

The child who has a high kevel of self-esteem is always proud of her/his achievements, independent,effective,accept new skills experienced with enthusiasm ,quick socialising ,keen on her/ his time ,more able to control her/ his feelings

 _How Can You Improve Your Child’s Self-awareness?

🔳You should find out your child’s strengths and weaknesses:

Focusing on finding out  your child’s strengths and positive qualities and talents ,but avoiding your child’s weaknesses and mistakes as a means to develop her/his strong characters

🔳Ask your child about the things she/ he knows well.

🔳Reflect on the positive image of your child ,as parents are the true mirror to reflect  reactions towards their child behaviour, through doing this,the parents can strengthen their child character and form her/his self_ awareness.

🔳confirm the reinforcement of the child’s soft skills .

🔳Developing the child’s perception about the inevitability of failure and increasing her/his ability of acceptance of this failure.

🔳Observe your child’s daily habits and interests and direct her/him towards the right resources.

_ Prepared by Ms Raesa Omar.

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