Effective Teaching Skills and Their Application

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A Workshop Entitled:

Effective Teaching Skills and Their Application”

🚻🚻Targeted Group: New Teachers.

⏱⏱Hours number: from 5_10 hours .

📖📖Sessions number:5 sessions.

⌛⏳Session’s period:2 hours every session.


Knowledge and implementation of teaching skills  by a teacher is very essential factor to build the right educational structure which links theoretical knowledge with its application.

The importance of teaching skill appeared in  many aspects ;as the elaboration of this skill by the teacher will facilitate achieving the learning objectives, implementation of tasks and make deep learning and teaching process,in addition , the elaboration of teaching skill  will raise the consciousness and knowledge of the teacher and the basic theoretical experience of the teacher .So, teaching  process will become very easy and enable the teacher and the learner to achieve important performances and these teaching skills  are the  basics on which the educational process  depends on all aspects.

🔺🔺Main Axes:

1 . Teaching  Planning Skill.

2.Teaching Practicing Skill.

3.Teaching  Evaluation Skill.

4.Practical Exercises


1.Planning of Teaching Skill.

*.Identifying Learning Resources Skill.

*.Preparing Of Studying Plan Skill.

*. Planning of Educational Situation Skills.

*.Planning Of Behavioural Educational Goals.

2.Practicing of Teaching Skills:

*.Booting  skill.

*.Practicing Teaching Strategies Skills.

*.Practicing Activities of Teaching Skills.

*. Using of Educational Aids Skills.

*.Using of The Classroom’s Questions Skills.

*. Using of Feedback Skills.

*.Enhancement’s Skill.

*.Management of The Classroom Skill.

*.Interaction in The Classroom Skill.

*.Finishing of The Lesson Skill.

 3.Evaluation of Teaching Skills:

*.Initial Assessment Skill.

*.Formative Assessment Skill.

*.Summative Assessment Skill.

4.An Application of every Skill through work papers , some supporting video’s quotations ,and number of various questions:(Multi-chioce questions, in brackets )

Displaying samples of Real Educational Process and Linking these samples with the culture of United Arab Emirates.

Course Features

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  • Duration 10 hours
  • Skill level All levels
  • Language English
  • Students 686
  • Certificate Yes
  • Assessments Yes
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